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Suicide Attempt Survivors Group

Foundation 2 is pleased to announce that we have started a group for adults who have attempted suicide.  This is a small (6-8) person group that meets once a week for 8 weeks on Wednesday evenings.

The group’s facilitators are a licensed therapist, and a suicide attempt survivor with training in group facilitation.  Prospective group members need to complete an intake interview with the therapist to see if the group goals and format are a good fit for them.

The first weeks of this group are spent in creating a safe place for people with similar experience to share their thoughts and experience about their suicide attempt.  Once the safe environment has been established, the remaining weeks of the group are spent in developing skills and tools to stay safe from any future suicide attempt.

Once an eight week session has started, it is closed to new members.

Additional information will be provided at the time of the intake interview.

In order to make an appointment for the intake interview, please call Dennis Dozier at 319-261-0976 and leave a message.


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