Recently someone emailed Foundation 2 through our website wondering what happens when someone calls our hotline and says that they are thinking of suicide.
Since this is a common question, we thought that it would be helpful to share our counselor’s response below.

What happens when someone calls Foundation 2’s hotline with thoughts of suicide?

Foundation 2’s Response:
Thank you for an excellent question.
We are always relieved and glad that someone who is having thoughts of suicide is willing to contact us.
That may be the first response…offering our appreciation for reaching out.
We will ask about what has led the caller to the point of contemplating suicide and talk about how intense and frequent the thoughts are.
Exploring the reasons they have for wanting to die and also the reasons for living will also is a significant part of our discussion. We make no judgments, and try to listen very carefully to what our callers need and want to say without fear of a panicked response or over-reaction to their state of mind.
Creating a safety plan in collaboration with the caller is essential when the risk is elevated. This, as you may imagine, is quite varied depending on the individual situation and whether the caller feels that they can succeed with the plan in place to be safe for a period of time. Safety plans include other personal or professional resources and almost always a plan for a follow up call from our counselors within 24 hours or sooner if the situation warrants.
Foundation 2 hopes that if someone is having thoughts of suicide that they will reach out to the support available 24/7 through our crisis hotline.

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