Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to a local business about Foundation 2 services as a part of the United Way campaign. To my surprise, two of the fifteen or so staff present came up to me after the presentation to let me know that they used to volunteer for the crisis center.  One of the employees volunteered to cover overnight shifts at the crisis center over ten years ago.  She was amazed at all services that Foundation 2 has added since that time- when she volunteered for Foundation 2 we were basically just a crisis hotline and a youth shelter.  She was unaware of many of our programs including the food pantry, Mobile Crisis Outreach and Street Outreach Services.  This was a great reminder to me that we as an agency have come a long way since our creation in 1970.  I am so proud of how far Foundation 2 has come in the last 39 years, and of the variety of excellent services we are able to offer!  Our quality, excellence and variety make my job as Director of Development and Marketing so much easier.

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