After the flurry of activities in July as Foundation 2 celebrated our 40th birthday, I mistakenly thought that things would quiet down as July turned into August.  Foundation 2 continues to be busy as usual, and this includes the Development and Marketing Department.

What has been happening in August?

1.) After the 40th Anniversary display was taken down from the temporary gallery space at the Carl and Mary Koehler History Center, I updated the Foundation 2 website to share highlights with the community.  If you click here you can view an overview of the exhibit, photos from both the exhibit and the display, and read all of the 40 stories from people who shared their history with our agency.  I have heard from many people who attended the display at the History Center who simply weren’t able to read all of the 40 stories when they were there.  My advice is to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and take your time with the stories.  They are all fascinating reading and each provides a new piece of information about how Foundation 2 became the agency it is today.

2.) With the help of Mount Mercy MBA students and Pip Printing, Foundation 2 staff created a fundraising mailing which “dropped” on Friday, August 13th.  Tying in aspects of the History Center display, the letter describes how a group of Coe College and Kennedy High School students and staff came together with a simple idea which expanded to become Foundation 2, a 24-hour resource for individuals, youth and families in crisis.  This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, which I did not include in the letter: “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”  –Anita Roddick 

3.) I learned to Picnik!  No, this doesn’t mean enjoying a casual meal in the great outdoors; Picnik is a photo editing program that lets you edit your photos online at little or no cost.  As I updated the website to include photos from the History Center display and reception, I had a great time using Picnik to clean up the photos and include frames.  I hope that you enjoy viewing my altered photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.  I have included an updated photo of myself to include in this blog.

Although August continues to be a busy month, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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