Law Enforcement Liaisons

Law Enforcement Liaison program

The Foundation 2 Law Enforcement Liaison program works with area law enforcement agencies to provide specialized mental health care response to mental health related calls. Our trained crisis counselors work to navigate and difuse mental health related situations and connect individuals with community resources.

We understand that situations involving mental health concerns can sometimes require an emergency response. The Foundation 2 law enforcement liaison program helps connect people experiencing an emergency mental health situation with the best resources possible. Our trained crisis counselors respond to calls involving potential or confirmed mental health concerns, typically alongside local police. These services are available to everyone in the service area, regardless of situation, income or other demographics. There are no qualifications to receive services.

“...(before), we didn’t really have many options other than taking that person to jail or the emergency room. And in some cases there was nothing we could do. But now, with this team, a mental health liaison can come to those calls and can stay with that person and work with them and connect them to the resources they need.”

Our crisis counselors’ goal is to:

  • quickly observe the situation
  • deescalate immediate risks
  • provide crisis mental health support
  • connect individuals with community support services

In FY20, we responded to

police co-responder dispatches