This blog was written by Rowland Gibson, who is a counselor with Foundation 2.  He is also involved in the Eastern Iowa Alliance for Fatherhood and Children.

Bundle up with love, togetherness and giving.  As we end out 2013 and make preparations for 2014, think of ways that can we extend this time of joy and kindness throughout the oncoming year.  End strong and begin stronger!

Those who attended the November Lunch and Learn event hosted by the Eastern Iowa Alliance for Fatherhood and Children were left with the following question from Kent Stock’s awesome testimony: “How do we want to be remembered?”  Let that sentiment resonate in our minds and align it with that old tried and true phrase “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Listening to what Kent Stock had to share with us, I was inspired to re-examine myself and ask how I can I be more impactful in the various circles that I find myself in.  How will I be remembered?  At what point in our lives do we say, I’ve done enough, I’ve done all that I can do?

We should always be looking for opportunities that will help us to grow as individuals, to help build our character, to evolve as positive human beings.  That alone could lead to more thoughts and questions for us to ponder in the quest of what really makes us better.  The most potent answer that I could come up with, which could be the basis for any question asked in regards to this, is for us to “lead by example.”  In any situation, any environment, at home, at work or in the community, we have to lead by example.  In doing so, not only will it affect the lives of others but it will have an impact on our lives as well.

Someone is always watching and what they see on a consistent basis is what they will remember.  No, we are not perfect. Yes, we all have flaws. But that should not stop any of us from trying to be the best people that we can be.  That should not stop us from caring, being kind, and learning how to be more positive.  A simple gesture, a thank you here, your welcome there, have a good day, a smile, could be the very thing that helps someone watching make it through their day.  Our not giving up in the toughest of circumstances can be what someone needs to see to know that they too can overcome difficult obstacles and trials in their life.

This is not seasonal behaviors that we should exhibit, but a lifetime display of values and traits that can be passed on to other in hopes that others will pay it forward.  People are in need of examples to watch even after January 2 of whatever year.

The last time I checked there are 365 days and 52 weeks in a year. This is ongoing until the end of days.  So our best behaviors should not come when November arrives and only stays for a couple of months when “Santa is watching.”  With that shared, we must be ever mindful that our deeds should be done in truth and sincerity and that our decisions have integrity and fortitude.  This is so that when our clock stops ticking and no one is able to watch us any longer, we can be remembered not only  for the life that we lived and but through the lives that were positively affected by  witnessing our example.

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