Heavy rains on Sunday, June 29th  led to flash flooding and the back up of storm drains impacting many parts of Eastern Iowa. All three of Foundation 2’s Cedar Rapids locations experienced flooding.

Here are some flood related updates to share with friends of Foundation 2:

*Because of the water damage to the Admin Office, the Monday, July 7th session of the Depression and Anxiety Support Group will meet at the Crisis Center- 1540 2nd Ave SE.  The Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group will NOT meet on July 8th.

*Due to flooding in the basement of our Crisis Center (1540 2nd Ave SE in Cedar Rapids) our After Hours Food pantry will be closed until further notice. Those who already had appointments for assistance scheduled for this time have been contacted.

*Although food pantry items have been damaged due to water in the Crisis Center basement, we are NOT actively seeking food or toiletry donations at this time. If you would like to help Foundation 2 with recovery from this disaster, we appreciate cash donations which allow us to meet our most urgent needs.  We appreciate those who are interested in supporting the clients we serve through in-kind donations and will let the community know when we are actively collecting food and hygiene items.

Thank you for standing with Foundation 2 during this difficult time.


If you have additional questions, please contact Elisabeth at ekissling@foundation2.org.

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