Back to school time also means “fair season” for non-profit agencies including Foundation 2.  We participate in many types of events including wellness fairs, volunteer fairs and career fairs.  This is a great way to not only meet people in the community, but to also let others know about the services we provide.  When describing Foundation 2 services to participants at these events, the typical response I hear is, “Wow, I didn’t know that Foundation 2 did all that!”

Although we are certainly working on increasing our marketing efforts to let people know everything we can offer the community, I really do believe that word of mouth is one of our best tools in advertising.  Because of this, I am always proud to represent Foundation 2 in community events, and appreciate the opportunity to let people know that we:  serve both kids and adults, have been in Cedar Rapids since 1970, and most of our services are available for little to no cost for the consumer.

If you have an upcoming event, please contact me for information on how Foundation 2 can be involved!

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