Today CNN online features the results of a year-long investigation of America’s worst charities.  CNN reported that the worst charity in America, Kids Wish Network, spends less than three cents per dollar donated actually helping kids.

According to this report fundraising experts say that good charities should spend no more than 35 cents to raise each dollar to help those in need.

Foundation 2 is happy to report that our administrative rate is less than 13%.  This means that for each dollar donated to our agency, over 87 cents is used to directly assist youth, adults and families in crisis in our community.

When you donate to Foundation 2, please know that your donation really is making a difference.  And if you request that your donation be sent to a specific program such as our after hours food pantry or suicide prevention services, we will honor that request.

Thank you to all who donate their time, treasure and talent to those in crisis in our community.  You are making our community stronger every day.

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