This blog is brought to us by Rowland Gibson, who is a case manager with Foundation 2.  Thank you Rowland for your inspiring words!

Let us take a moment to appreciate the now, as summer leaves us for another season and we “Fall” back into preparing for the last 3 months of 2014 along with the next string of Holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In doing this, we realize that even though we have made it another year in the cycle of life, time moves on and we must ready ourselves for change.  Each day becomes the past, and the future awaits us as we anticipate what it has in store for us.  The time for reflecting over our accomplishments, victories and disappointments from this past year is here.  Every experience counts-the good and the not so good.  What did we do this year better than last year?  Did we help families become more stable or help fathers become more involved and responsible?  What worked and what didn’t work?  What will we aim for next year?  At the same time asking ourselves what will our decorations be like, where will we have Thanksgiving dinner, and map out a plan for conquering Black Friday, the beginning of Christmas shopping?  All these questions and more start to flood our internal googles.  This can be overwhelming.  Pause, Relax, Breathe.  No one gets this life right all of the time.  Embrace the change that has taken place and the changes to come.  Do what you can to better your life and the lives of those that you come into contact with.  This includes our own families as well as the fathers and families we work with.  Set more goals, make your own list and check it more than twice.  Be kind to yourself and Pause, Relax, Breathe.  Take care of yourself so that you are able to help others take care of themselves.  End out the year strong and begin 2015 even stronger.  Remember giving, caring, sharing can be the reason for ANY season.  One more thing, appreciate the now and Pause, Relax, Breathe.

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