Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Foundation 2 is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of individuals from throughout the community. Meet the current board of directors below!

Foundation 2 provides families in our community with supportive services in times of crisis. When my brother died by suicide 13 years ago, I wish there had been a resource in our community that offered my family the support and guidance that Foundation 2 does for those experiencing this profound loss.  My personal experience led me to participate in the Linn County Suicide Prevention Coalition, so it was a natural transition to serve Foundation 2 as a board member and get more involved “behind the scenes” by playing an active role in effecting services that help prevent and appropriately respond to suicide.

I learned of Foundation 2 through the recent regionalization of mental health services from an individual county-level to a combined region in the state of Iowa.  I serve as a Chief Nursing Officer of a rural critical access hospital.  We learned of Foundation 2’s Mobile Crisis Outreach and are excited about the possibility of expanding this service into our rural area.  Like in the larger cities, rural Iowa is constantly challenged to meet the needs of our mental health patients.  I am honored to represent rural Iowa on the Foundation 2 Board.

I feel privileged to be among this diverse group of leaders for such an important organization. I believe in the mission driving the operational decisions at Foundation 2, and I want to be part of an organization that provides such important programs and services to people of all ages in our community. As I learn more about the needs of our schools and our students through my professional role with Grant Wood Area Education Agency, I look forward to bringing additional opportunities for collaboration and learning to the Board and back to my own organization.

As the Finance Director at hibu I have nearly 20 years of financial management and oversight.  I am happy to serve on the Foundation 2 Board offering guidance and support and to help bridge the “gap” to those who do not have a financial background.  Foundation 2 offers a wide variety of social services to the community, all of which provide great value and benefit. One of the areas that interest me the most about Foundation 2 is the services and programs provided to youth in the community. I think it is important to not only provide them opportunity for hope through troubling circumstances, but also help them gain the knowledge and understanding that they are the leadership and future of our community.

Foundation 2 provides many invaluable resources for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.  Through my work as a juvenile prosecutor, I see young people who, for one reason or another, have ended up in the purview of the juvenile court.  For some of these children, Foundation 2’s youth shelter temporarily provides the stable, safe home that they desperately need.    Foundation 2, through its compassionate and caring staff, volunteers, and leadership, also provides crucial mental health services for families and individuals in need.  In a world where the news is so often bad, it is heartening to hear about an organization like Foundation 2.  I’m honored to be able to help guide and support it.

I think that Foundation 2 provides an invaluable and underappreciated service to the community. Crisis can strike any person at any time, and unfortunately crisis often affects the vulnerable members of our community who do not have the resources to appropriately handle it. It is easy to take an organization like Foundation 2 for granted, but for many of the people that the staff and volunteers of Foundation 2 assist, it is essential. I want to support Foundation 2’s mission and am proud to serve on the board.

Seven years ago, I barely knew who Foundation 2 was, or how important they would become in my life.  My 16 year old son died by suicide and a friend suggested the Suicide Survivors Bereavement Group.  I received such wonderful support from Nancy Oehlert, the group and Foundation 2 that I vowed to help others going through the intense pain and confusion after a suicide death.  A few of the things I have accomplished are speaking to groups about my loss and the effect it has had on my son Chandler’s family and friends, chairing a charity golf tournament for the past 7 years, and joining  the HOPEwalk planning board.  I was excited to see an opening on Foundation 2 Board of Directors and look forward to helping this amazing organization keep helping others in our community!

I work as a Lead Project Manager at Transamerica. The reason I wanted to get involved with Foundation 2 is the amazing work that the organization does for the youth in our community. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Foundation 2 through Junior League of Cedar Rapids and have seen first-hand how their AMP and other programs can really make a difference in the lives of youth in foster care.

I first learned about Foundation 2 through the current CEO and subsequently the incoming Board president.  Their passion for the organization was contagious and I knew I wanted to get involved.  In recent years we have made significant steps in the right direction to remove the stigma of mental health issues but we still have a long way to go.  I am excited for the opportunity to assist the Foundation 2 team advocate for more support for people in crisis and promote the vital resources that the organization offers to those in need.  All people. Any time. Every time.

After being introduced to Foundation 2 last year I knew I had to get involved. This organization is a critical resource in our community that more people need to know about and pay attention to. Not only does the organization do great things but they do them for the people most in need of support in our community. I am committed to supporting the team at Foundation 2 and furthering the mission “to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis” so no person ever feels alone or without options.

I lost my son to suicide in 2012, and since then, I have made it a personal mission to be engaged and share my experience to help others prevent or survive suicide. After meeting Emily and learning more about the crisis services of Foundation 2, I wanted to be a part of this movement. The mission and values of Foundation 2 align with my personal goals. It is an honor as well as a privilege to serve on the board and support an organization that meets the needs of our most vulnerable populations.

I recently attended a presentation about Foundation 2’s mission, programs and outreach.  Although I was already familiar with this organization, my interest peeked after seeing first-hand the passion of its leader, and learning more about the group’s results and positive influence in this community.  My life has been touched in a variety of ways by mental health issues, including suicide, involving friends, neighbors and family members. These circumstances have helped mold me into a mental health advocate.  Joining Foundation 2 as member of its board seemed to be a perfect way for me to give back, and lend support to an organization that provides resources, counseling, housing, and crisis intervention services to those most in need.

Are you interested in becoming a Foundation 2 board member?