This has been an exciting week for the Development and Marketing Department at Foundation 2.  On Monday I had the opportunity to attend the annual Variety Heart Luncheon at the Cedar Rapids Marriott to celebrate our award of a new minivan for the Foundation 2 Youth Shelter.  Our current van has transported many youth to and from school, appointments, recreational activities and community service and has certainly seen better days!  This van donation allows Foundation 2 to provide safe, reliable transportation for the needs of the youth that we serve.  It was a wonderful event and I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about other organizations who also received grants from Variety- the Children’s Charity.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet with Mediacom staff to film a short interview for their “Regional Newsleaders” series.  The interview was only five minutes long, but I crammed as much information as I could about Foundation 2 in those five minutes!  My interview should air on Mediacom channel 22 during the month of October, and will also be listed on the Mediacom website at  I hope to put a copy of the interview on the Foundation 2 website for everyone to enjoy!

I really do appreciate opportunities such as these to meet new people and to have a chance to tell the story of Foundation 2.  I have a great job!


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