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Foundation 2 Gave Me a Place to Stay

“We used to sleep under bridges, in abandoned warehouses, abandoned houses, under peoples’ porches. There are kids out there. A lot of people may not know it.”
Participant in SOS drop-in program

Help When I Thought There Was Nowhere to Turn

“I’m doing good and I just wanted to let you know that it started when you and Foundation 2 were there for me when I had nowhere and no one else to turn to. I’ve come far and turned my life around. Thank you for everything.”
Former Youth Shelter resident

Trusted Support

“Thanks you for letting me stay overnight and eat. I feel very respected here. More than at home even! Thank you again for letting me meet the kids and eat. I feel trusted. I also trust all of you! I appreciate the talking more than anything because it allows me to understand myself!”
Young man who was taken in one weekend at the Youth Shelter

Staff Are Wonderful and Helpful

“The staff were really, really helpful. They talked to me a lot. I just think that staff are wonderful here. They are really a big asset to the program. Everyone here is helpful and they really care. They’re positive role models and they were exactly what I needed. Thank you a lot!”
former Youth Shelter resident

Staff Are Professional and Caring

“Thank you for your professional, caring staff and program. It is very appreciated.”
parent of a Youth Shelter resident

Beneficial Counseling

“Family counseling set up a safe place to accomplish house rules and consequences. Thank you! It was an answer to a prayer that this was open.”
Family Counseling client

Success Story

“You guys are a great bunch of people and I hope I run into you in 10 years and show I succeeded in life.”
former Youth Shelter resident

Mentor Program Provides Proven Results

“I feel the credit goes mainly to Foundation 2 and their mentor program. I would highly recommend funding for these programs to help future and present troubled children.”
grandmother of Foundation 2 participant

Foundation 2 Gave Me A Roof To Live Under

“It made me feel real good knowing that someone besides my parents and foster parents really cared about me. I would also like to thank the TLP program for taking me in because without you guys I probably would have been out on the streets living like a bum.”
TLP participant

Helped By Street Outreach

“Foundation 2 has helped my family a lot. Street Outreach would pick me up and take me to get something to eat. They never made me go home. They would always recommend I go home.”
SOS participant

Foundation 2 Provided Food

"Foundation 2 has helped me when I was out of food due to unforeseen circumstances. I really appreciate resources that are there when you really need them. I really love the hours and the staff are always nice, polite and helpful!"
Food pantry client

Food Pantry Extremely Helpful

"Foundation 2's Food Pantry has been extremely helpful. When I have nowhere else to turn for help, this place has been very helpful. I think this is a wonderful program for people in need of a helping hand during times of low to no income."
Food pantry client

Crisis Line Support

The Crisis Center is a place where I feel understood and supported. The counselors on the Crisis Line have made a world of difference in my life.
Crisis Center Client

Foundation 2 Youth Shelter

"You are my favorite shelter!!"
-Human service professional

Don't Know What I Would Do...

"I don't know what I would do without your staff at the crisis line. I don't think I could have made it till now without you. I hope you know how much I appreciate you."
Crisis Line Client

Thank You

"Thank you for talking to me the other night. I don't know if I would be alive today. I have connected with my family and we are working on a plan to deal with my depression."
Crisis Line Caller


"I get more out of talking to you then talking to my therapist. You are available to talk when I need to talk. I feel like you understand and don't judge me. You are a lifesaver"
Crisis Line Caller

Crisis Line is Important to Me

"I want to let you know how important the crisis line has been to me. I really suffer from depression and anxiety. All of the people that answer the phones are so kind to me. God Bless You." -Letter from a client of our crisis line

Former youth shelter resident

It’s been 10 years ago around this month that I lived there but I wanted to say thank you! At the time I thought you guys were horrible with all the rules and giving me a difficult time not letting me see my boyfriend. I'm sorry if I gave you all a hard time. I understand now that it was for my own good. I just wanted to let you know that I have come a long way from the girl who was pregnant, on drugs, and living on the streets. I am currently a mother of 5, happily married for 6 years! I’m currently a RN working on my BSN. So when people are in the boat that I was in you can say there is still hope to change your life for the better. Because I am living proof! Thank you for all the help I will never forget the part you all played in my life.

Housing Young People in Crisis

“Several years ago we temporarily housed a young person that transitioned to independent living through Foundation 2. I don't know how that would have worked had your organization not been there for help.” -Friend of a former Independent Living Program participant

Foundation 2 Services are Essential

"Calling your center most likely saved my life. You are essential to have in our community for those who have nowhere else to turn."

Super Awesome Resource

"I can't say enough good things about your counselors. This is a super awesome resource... Thank you so much!” –Recent Mobile Crisis Outreach Client