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Tips For Job Applicants

When you send your resume as an attachment, make sure your subject line indicates you are applying for a job. Blank subject lines with attachments, especially those with little or no text in the body of the message, appear to be viruses and may be deleted.

Your resume file should be named [YOUR NAME], not simply "resume." It's easy for your resume to get lost, or worse, saved over, among all the "resume" files.

Please indicate specifically which position(s) you are applying for. This will speed up the job application process as your application will be forwarded directly to the appropriate hiring manager.

Foundation 2 does not have the capacity to maintain a centralized file of resumes. For this reason, please do not send your resume "to keep on file," unless you are directing it to a specific department.

Below is a copy of our New Employee Application. Please complete this document and forward it along with your cover letter and resume  for the job you are interested in to

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